Melbourne part II

As promised: part 2!
(part 1 if you didn’t read it yet)

After the medical trial adventure it was time to pick up the backpacker life again. Running around, eating whenever I want and enjoying the fresh air outside.

My job as a wedding bartender taking up most my weekends, I did needed to find something to keep me occupied during the week. Finding jobs in other fields like administration or recruitment proved to be quite the struggle. In Australia every single employer wants you to have a minimum of around 30 years experience before even being considered for the job. Hence I did what many a backpacker has done before me: haul my ass to KMart for some steel cap boots and a High Visibility shirt. The essentials for the start of my labouring career. First stop: House renovation with Lars (very hard work as depicted in the picture above).

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Melbourne Part I

Three and a half months later… What happened? Has he gone insane already? Did he sell a kidney for some money? Did a drop bear get the better of him?
All legit questions you might or might not have. This post is here to provide answers to some of these questions and more.  How I’ve managed to live in Melbourne for 3.5 months, why I let others experiment on my body for the sake of science (and money), and about everything in between.
So grab your vegemite sandwich in one hand, VB stubby in the other and get ready as this might take a while.

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Tasmanian Tales

So after two months living and traveling in Tasmania, I am now in Melbourne which I thought would be a good moment to look back on all the stories and adventures. Be prepared however. Might take a while to read the whole thing ;).

Now comes the hard part, where to begin?
Maybe just after I arrived in Australia which was also in Melbourne:

Friday 15th of December.
The flight from Phuket to Melbourne took around 8 hours and I landed at around 10 am local time. Absolutely raced through customs with my Aussie passport and onto the bus into Melbourne itself. I only had one day here on which I met up with a friend from back home, grabbed a few beers and into bed early as the alarm would wake me up at 5:30 the next morning to fly to Hobart. First day in Australia was a good one.

After being picked up by Sam & Jeremy by whom I could stay and work at for the coming days/weeks, I got to experience the first bits of Tasmania: Beautiful hills and a scorching sun, that’s why everyone wears sunnies (sunglasses) here as the ozone layer makes daily life a whole lot brighter and intense.
The house I got to live in the coming weeks was in a suburb of Hobart called Lauderdale and was about 50m from the beach ^^. Perfect for a quick dip in the ice cold water every now and then.

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The first week as a backpacker

On Wednesday the 6th of December my journey as a backpacker started. I had finished my Bachelors degree a week earlier and instead of continuing to study, I wanted to see and explore a little more of the world.
Hence the moment came to say goodbye to many people and things: Family, close friends, the student life in Enschede and the Dutch lifestyle I’ve gotten used to over the last 22 years. Pretty weird to let it all behind and not seeing people for quite a while to come.

With an Australian and Dutch passport in the pocket the first flight was planned in the afternoon of the 6th. Flying from Amsterdam to Doha and from Doha to Phuket in Thailand. Flying with Qatar Airways on both flights was a true blessing with delicious food and enough on board entertainment to keep myself busy.

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